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God in the New Testament clearly asks wives to arrange themselves under the leadership of their husbands in Greek, the word 'submit' means 'to arrange under'. For those of us in the Domestic Discipline lifestyle 50 Shades of Grey is a hot topic. I had been burdened by shame and guilt because I was naughty and now I had been thoroughly punished as I deserved. As I grew up it continued. Do not look for any excuse to repeat the spanking as soon as you can, a good HoH is always fair and only punishes when it is necessary and not for the sake of his own pleasure. Although it at the moment would be a relief if my husband only spanked me leniently I no doubt soon would feel strangely dissatisfied and unfulfilled. He was feeling humbled by her complete submission, but resolved that what he had done was what he needed to do.

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Not likely, they are all good men.

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Christian Domestic Discipline Promotes Spanking Wives To Maintain Biblical Marriage

I never feel like a little girl but am well aware of the fact that I am an adult who still has a lot to learn about how to behave. Sheila woke up to Eamon sitting in the overstuffed chair just three feet from her face. If I struggle and wrench too hysterically he puts his hand on my neck and holds me down. It hits me like a hammer because it with sudden shocking clarity makes me see how stupidly I abandoned the safety and good order and all the other benefits of being a good, well-behaved and compliant wife. Those laws included things that happened in the bedroom between consenting adults. Just about to board the 2nd leg of my flight to Chicago. And the stroking began again.

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discipline domestic spank wife
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discipline domestic spank wife
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